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How to analyze the artistic characteristics of willow weaving products

1. The style of each willow weaving handicraft varies greatly, such as the style of basket shaped willow weaving products, which can be divided into single basket or double basket, size based on volume, circular or square based on purpose, etc. Different willow weaving products have their own different shapes and styles, which is the biggest difference.

2. Color is very important for willow weaving, as it relates to people's intuitive perception of willow weaving products. In order to meet the aesthetic needs of different people, manufacturers usually produce different types of willow weaving products with exterior colors for everyone to choose from. Usually, they can be the primary color, as well as single color willow weaving colors such as red and brown.

3. Texture and texture are the sublimation points of its artistic characteristics. Without the appearance of texture and texture, the artistic value of willow weaving products will also greatly decrease. Generally speaking, the texture of willow weaving products is slightly rough, and the texture belongs to its natural growth and natural beauty, making it more ornamental.

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